Mobile app: Geo-sight

December 18th, 2012

About the Author: Dan

I’m Dan Smart, a 38 year old website developer, based in Swansea, UK. I have worked in the software development industry for over 15 years, with experience in web development, mobile handset development, and mobile networks. I work both on websites and web applications with systems such as Wordpress, Laravel, Backbone, Angular.js, node.js and mobile app development with PhoneGap, iOS, and Android. When I’m not developing websites and software, I am a keen runner, involved with mime performance group Innovo Physical Theatre, and also actively involved in my local church.

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Develop cross platform iPhone and Android mobile app for a civil engineering group. The multiuser app is for onsite teams, capturing data about the state of the site, e.g. photos, GPS data, and form data, packaging the data up into submissions up to a web server to be processed by the technical team.

The iPhone app is available in the Apple App Store, and the Android app is distributed internally.

Technologies used:
PhoneGap, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery Mobile, Backbone.js, Underscore templates, Xcode and Eclipse

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