My Team

You can work with me – Dan Smart – on a freelance basis as an individual to work with your team, or I have a specialised team who I work regularly with to deliver larger projects.

My team are highly skilled in their own area of expertise, and enable me to deliver your project with high quality.

Dan Smart – Lead Developer

I am your first point of contact, and will put together the appropriate team for, and plan the technical solution for your project. Find out more about my skills and experience.

Mike Leach – Designer

Mike Leach is a British designer who grew up in Dorset before making his home in Swansea, South Wales. He started his design career by joining and subsequently running a design studio for a charity in Cardiff. It was there that he spent 5 years in the industry before moving on to develop further media skills with Cornerstone Church, Swansea. In 2009 he set up Mike Leach Creative where he is both the company director and senior designer. Mike and Dan work closely together to deliver larger scale projects such as Acquisitions Daily.

Charles Meaden – SEO, PPC, Usability

Charles Meaden from Digital Nation is an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialist and internet marketing expert. With his finger always on the pulse he is always looking at new ways of making your website more usable and profitable. Charles’ strategic eye will mean that your website will be visible on the search engines so that people can find you as well as making sure your site is optmised for fulfilling its function. Charles will be involved early on in your project to plan with tools like wireframes and personas, and delivers specification and quality control.

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